Top 100 employers

Good benefits, wellness programs and listening to employees gets employers named to the list
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/20/2006

What gets a company named one of

Canada’s Top 100 Employers

? It might be generous vacation entitlements of three, four or even five weeks in the first year. It might be 95-per-cent top-ups for maternity leave or generous pension plan contributions.

It might be the services that give employees peace of mind, such as on-site daycare or take-home dinners. It might even be the small but memorable extras such as free organic, fair-trade coffee or free turkeys at Christmas.

Perhaps it’s the kind of gestures that go beyond making people feel good. When a CEO takes the time to talk with employees, she not only wins their respect, she also learns what works and what doesn’t throughout the organization — as Canada Post’s Moya Greene has found.

It might also be the support organizations give to help employees — such as the wellness programs Seven Oaks hospital in Winnipeg used to turn a sick-prone employee into a happier, healthier person.

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