Canadian companies lag foreign firms in training

Lack of understanding leads to less investment in staff and lower productivity
By Beth Everson
|CHRR, Report on Training & Development|Last Updated: 11/21/2007

Canadian companies lag behind global competitors in investing in on-the-job training and education. Compared with employers in the United States and Europe, Canadian employers invest 40-per-cent to 50-per-cent less on training and education, says Paul Cappon, chief executive officer of the Canadian Council on Learning, a not-for-profit organization with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver.

That translates to only 30 per cent of Canadian workers receiving any training or education on the job, putting Canada in the bottom ranks among nations belonging to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris.

“We’re in the knowledge economy and yet 70 per cent of (working) Canadians don’t get any training at all,” says Cappon.