Resignation website hints at tightening labour market

Quizzes and expert advice help workers figure out if it's time to move on and how to tell the boss
||Last Updated: 06/07/2010

As the labour market heats up, employers are going to have to pay even more attention to retention as employees start to look elsewhere for opportunities.

A new website,, is a sign the days of employers holding on to employees simply because they have no other options are coming to an end.

The site, launched by career website, helps employees figure out if they're ready to quit their job and provides tips on how to do it properly.

The site provides tools and information for each step along the way. Tests, options to be considered and specialists’ advice focus on what employees need to ask themselves before, during and after quitting their job.

The site has four different sections to help employees figure out if quitting is the right option, possible alternatives to quitting, how to resign gracefully without burning any bridges and what to do next.

The site details good reasons for quitting, such as recurring health problems and lack of motivation at work, as well as bad reasons for quitting, such as dissatisfaction with salary and a dispute with an immediate supervisor.

For employees who decide it's time to leave, the site has tips on what to say to their manager and even provides a sample resignation letter for download.

The site also offers employees advice on how to regain their enthusiasm if they decide to stay in their current position.

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