Alberta firm finds safety solution for contingent employees

Edmonton Exchanger awarded 2010 Health and Safety Leader Award
By Danielle Harder
|Western Report|Last Updated: 07/09/2010

Getting buy-in for safety programs can be challenging with long-time employees, much less contingent workers who may be on-site for six weeks or less. Edmonton Exchanger, an Alberta-based company that makes custom fabricated steel products, has managed to do that and, in the process, earned the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Council’s 2010 Health and Safety Leader Award.

Edmonton Exchanger builds large-scale pressure vessel components, steel plates and heat exchanger parts, among other things. It’s dangerous work and almost all of it is done by workers hired on a project basis from trade unions.

“We have a fairly transient workforce,” said field health and safety manager Cheryl Hamer. “Our goal is to get these guys to work and to get them sharing our approach and philosophy when it comes to safety.”