Special Report User Guide

Key Media’s Special Reports are featured across 14 publications, 59 B2B websites and are seen by a combined audience of over 2.4 million unique visitors every month. The reports are the result of extensive surveys and are merit based – no-one may purchase inclusion in the lists.

Why you can trust Key Media’s Special Reports

Each of our annual reports is produced by our 30+ strong Intelligence Unit. With a rigorous process our global team also consults regularly with dedicated industry editorial panels for advice and feedback on our data and surveys.

Reporting Remit

We widely canvass HR experts and first-hand sources to gain an accurate picture of the report’s scope, and to identify which attributes of any particular nominee are most important tour audience. Each report’s criteria are thoroughly analysed before launch to ensure it meets the intended remit. Extensive research is also conducted to determine what issues are relevant and current to a particular sector.

Research Phase

Our team conducts telephone research, interviews industry panel experts and dispatches surveys to hundreds of thousands of contacts across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, UK and the US. All of this data is then compiled, organised and reviewed.


After the initial analysis is complete, in this phase our team reaches out to industry experts to gather greater context for the information.  The names of all resulting nominees that have resulted from the surveys conducted by our team are then assessed that they meet the criteria for the next stage.


Only then do we begin to write the report, using our intelligence data and also supplementary insight from objective key industry experts. Our editorial team maintains full control over content.


The final report is an unbiased investigation into who are the top HR performers and the reasons for their excellence. The reports provide a definitive annual collection of those who have delivered outstanding results, introduced new initiatives, refined existing working practices and also acted as a source of inspiration to colleagues. All reports are made available online, and some are also produced in print too.


Meet our Intelligence Unit

  • Claire Preen
  • Director
  • Lucinda Maguire
  • VP Research
  • Danica Mendoza
  • Marketing and Operations Director
  • Chris Sweeney
  • Managing Editor Special Reports

Senior Writers Special Reports

  • Kim Champion
  • Pete Miller


  • Alyanna Losantas
  • Arielle Gamba
  • Christine Eduardo
  • Clevene Caparas
  • Coleen Lepardo
  • Jamela Enriquez
  • Quinn Mamaclay
  • Sarah Gutierrez
  • Shannon Mclaughlin
  • Stephanie Morta
  • Susan Essex
  • Trisha Gato


We partner with the following organisations to maintain high editorial standards and guarantee our reports are pertinent to the HR industry.

Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services Canadian Society for Training and Development CPHR Canada CPHR/CAHR UK EAPM European Association for People Management HCI Human Capital Institute Human Rights Measurement Initiative HRMI Human Resources Professional Association NHRA National HR Association National Payroll Institute SHRM Society for Human Resource Management The International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) – Canada


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