Becoming a social purpose employer

Many companies are moving beyond basic CSR to a holistic approach
By Coro Strandberg
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/31/2019
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CSR shifts in the past five years include integrating CSR considerations throughout the business, becoming more data-driven and community investment (philanthropy) practices. LittlePerfectStock (Shutterstock)

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) falling from grace? After 20 years advancing into corporate Canada, the practice may be sputtering, according to a recent study.

Leader companies are finding that this long-standing approach to embedding social, environmental and stakeholder considerations in business strategy and decision-making doesn’t necessarily generate the business or social results they were hoping for.

This study by Strandberg Consulting was based on research conducted for the Canadian government in the fall of 2018, involving interviews with 32 companies known to have established CSR practices.