Canadian employers more than deliver when it comes to preferred perks

Companies providing most of the benefits employees want: survey

Canadian employers more than deliver when it comes to preferred perks

Canadian employers are getting high marks when it comes to providing the benefits and perks that their workers want, according to a recent report from Robert Half.

For example, 49 per cent of workers want a retirement savings plan, and 77 per cent of employers are providing one.

And 44 per cent of employees want dental insurance, while 75 per cent of companies are complying.

However, there are also differences: Just nine per cent of staff want an employee assistance program (EAP) while 69 per cent of employers provide one.

However, employers are falling a bit short of two items, finds the HR consulting firm: Three-quarters (75 per cent) of workers want flexible work schedules but just 71 per cent of employers offer it. 

Also, while 66 per cent of workers want remote work options, only 57 per cent of companies have this available for employees.


Percentage of workers demanding this benefit

Percentage of employers providing this benefit

Paid time off

65 per cent

81 per cent

Retirement savings plan

49 per cent

77 per cent

Life and AD and D insurance

10 per cent

76 per cent

Dental insurance

44 per cent

75 per cent

Disability insurance

10 per cent

72 per cent

Employee assistance program

9 per cent

69 per cent

Extended health coverage

65 per cent

69 per cent

Leave of absence or sabbatical 

12 per cent

67 per cent

“Highly skilled professionals expect not just a base salary that’s in line with what other firms are offering but also a choice of benefits and perks that are equally competitive,” says Robert Half.

Providing workers with an array of benefits plays a huge role in their overall wellbeing, according to a previous report.

Employers are also hitting the mark, in most cases, when it comes to the perks that workers want, according to Robert Half:


Percentage of workers demanding this perk

Percentage of employers providing this perk

Employee discounts

31 per cent

63 per cent

PTO for volunteering

17 per cent

60 per cent

Company-paid meals and snacks

18 per cent

58 per cent

Remote work business allowances

45 per cent

53 per cent

Matching gifts program

11 per cent

50 per cent

Unpaid sabbaticals

7 per cent

42 per cent

Roughly two-thirds of Canadian men (63.4 per cent) and women (65.1 per cent) had access to paid sick leave in 2022, according to Statistics Canada.

“The right benefits package may get your preferred candidate in the door, but equally important is to consider the types of benefits that will build up your company culture – i.e., the perks you can offer that will boost morale, make employees feel supported and cared about, and encourage them to stay with the organization,” says Workhuman, a human capital management software solutions provider.

“An effective benefits strategy is carefully crafted to align with your company’s values, goals, and employee preferences. That’s the most important point: To make sure you’re providing the best benefits that meet the needs and expectations of your employee base.”

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