How flexibility, equity and recognition can improve your total rewards package

New resource gives employers insights into retirement benefits, employee engagement

How flexibility, equity and recognition can improve your total rewards package

As the demand of the world of work continues to change, employees themselves are looking for more from their employers.

And as many employers continue to struggle to find, hire and retain the talent that they need, it is even more important for companies to deliver on the ends that are most valuable for employers.

Plugging in the holes in various aspects of employee benefits and workplace strategies is essential for employers, according to Gallagher Better Works(SM) Insights magazine, which features discussions on these particular topics.

Specifically, this resource from Gallagher features articles that delve into important topics for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent, enhance their workforce, and create a positive employee experience.

These are:

  • Building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce
  • Enhancing the employee experience through storytelling
  • Promoting working women’s health in all life stages, including menopause
  • Competing to win with an EVP driven attraction and retention strategy

Financial hardship is becoming more prevalent across Canada and living paycheck to paycheck is becoming the norm, with 73 per cent of Canadians saying they will suffer down the road by not having enough money put aside, according to H&R Block.

With changing employee expectations, the way employers maintain positive employee experiences has also changed. One expert emphasized the significance of timing and ongoing feedback mechanisms, while ensuring the alignment of the talent acquisition and onboarding processes to establish positive first impressions and foster long-term engagement.

Gallagher’s latest magazine issue also delves into the subject of employee engagement. It provides tools, trends and practical advice informed by data to enhance the employee experience, as well as improve employee benefits, promote women's health and develop effective attraction and retention strategies.

Discover how flexibility, equity, recognition and strategically applied resources can improve your total rewards package. Download the Gallagher Better Works(SM) Insights magazine now for free.

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