3 in 10 Canadian workers feeling tired, overworked

Expert recommends coaching, check-ins to build trust, support

3 in 10 Canadian workers feeling tired, overworked

A new survey has found over half (53%) of workers in Canada are having a negative feeling about work, while nearly one-third (30%) of these workers feel tired and overworked.

The findings underscore a significant trend, with one-third of workers reporting work-life balance to be their top priority. The other two priorities reported are compensation and benefits and family considerations, finds the survey released by ADP Canada.

The survey reveals distinct trends among different generations, with Millennials and Gen X workers demonstrating a stronger inclination toward prioritizing work-life balance (30%), while Boomers lean towards family priorities (26%). Notably, Gen Z workers appear less inclined to prioritize compensation (13%) compared to other generations.

“The survey results re-affirm the need for employers to connect with workers. Face-to-face time, coaching sessions and regular check-ins – particularly with the younger workforce, can help employers build trust and be better equipped to support their teams,” said Ed Yuen, vice president for strategy and HR outsourcing at ADP Canada.

The current economic conditions have taken a toll, with 70% of workers in Canada reporting stress due to inflation and economic factors. Consequently, nearly a quarter (23%) are contemplating exploring better opportunities.

Positive scores for workplace trust, goals, feedback

Despite these challenges, a significant portion (39%) of workers believe they are in the right workplace. The survey notes an improvement in the feedback loop, trust, and comfort levels between employees and their managers compared to the previous year. Over three-quarters (77%) of employees trust their managers, while more than eight-in-ten (82%) managers reciprocate this trust in their employees.

Further, the survey reflects positive progress in workplaces taking employees' goals and feedback seriously, showing an increase of 5% compared to the prior year (53% to 58%). Regular check-ins continue to be a norm, with 42% of respondents having weekly meetings with their managers or management teams, fostering an environment where 74% feel comfortable approaching their manager with concerns.

“Positive year-over-year progress in feedback, trust and comfort between managers and employees in the Canadian workplace is promising to see,” said Yuen.

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