Quebec employer offers 8,000 workers flexible, ‘choice-based’ approach

'We are moving enthusiastically and confidently towards a hybrid model with undeniable efficiency'

Quebec employer offers 8,000 workers flexible, ‘choice-based’ approach
The iA Financial Group head office in Quebec City.

A Quebec employer is offering workers a flexible “choice-based” approach to how work will be done.

iA Financial Group is combining both remote work and work from the office to give the majority of its more than 8,000 employees the ability to choose where to work on a daily basis to be most effective. 

"Despite the pandemic, we continued to deliver strong results and value to all our stakeholders," says Denis Ricard, president and CEO of iA Financial Group. "Our employees have consistently demonstrated performance, commitment, and agility. They have been able to take full advantage of the benefits of remote working. This is why we are moving enthusiastically and confidently towards a hybrid model with undeniable efficiency."

The company will not be imposing a mandatory number of days in the office because “flexibility is now key in retaining and attracting talent and delivering solid performance,” it says.

iA Financial Group will also redesign its office to provide a more stimulating employee experience. It will deploy new technology and develop various tools to make the transformation beginning this year.

Currently, SAP Canada is trying a controlled reopening for its Vancouver officeDeloitte Canada is also giving employees the flexibility to choose where, when and how they work. Sun Life is doing the same thing.

Meanwhile, employee experience software company GSoft is also allowing employees 100 per cent flexibility and freedom on where and when they want to work, and JTI is allowing workers to work up to 50 per cent of their time per month away from the office.

“Managing a hybrid workforce means your business is able to combine the advantages of remote work with the collaboration opportunities of face-to-face work in a physical office environment,” according to Genesis Integration, a comprehensive systems integration company.

Organizations that implement a hybrid work model can benefit from increased worker productivity, improved employee satisfaction and reduced business costs, it says.

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