What the best way to make workers feel appreciated at work?

Canadian survey shows top 3 choices for employee recognition

What the best way to make workers feel appreciated at work?

Money is the best tool employers can use to show their appreciation to workers, finds a recent Robert Half survey.

An annual bonus (52 per cent) is the top response for Canadian workers when asked what makes them feel appreciated at work.

That far surpasses getting trust from bosses (29 per cent) and verbal recognition (16 per cent), finds the survey based on 1,077 LinkedIn responses.

The survey provides crucial insights for employers as Employee Appreciation Day approaches, marked every first Friday of March.

Vocal about employee appreciation

Nadira Mohamed, accounts receivable specialist, said on LinkedIn that it’s about feeling appreciated verbally and financially.

“Lastly, recognize the quality work an employee puts in and dedication. A happy worker can build an empire. People [don’t] leave for a higher pay, they leave because they don't feel valued, too many false promises.”

IT professional Oscar Mauricio said work stability is also important when it comes to employee recognition.

“Without it, it appears everything else is pointless. Of course, there's a caveat to that which is related to performance and other factors, but considering all things are at least within the expectations from an employee standpoint.”

Tracy Tillman, consultant and accounting professional, summed up a popular opinion.

“I don’t need another pizza, thank you.”

There was a slight drop in Canadian workers’ overall happiness levels in the last month of 2023, according to a previous report from ADP Canada.

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