Commission supports claim of racial discrimination in Xerox pay dispute

Former manager reportedly paid $10,000 less than other managers

Commission supports claim of racial discrimination in Xerox pay dispute

Normand Hector, a former Xerox Canada employee, has found validation in a decision from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. The commission concluded that there was sufficient evidence to suggest Hector was discriminated against due to his race.

This comes four years after Hector filed a complaint alleging he was paid less than his colleagues because he is Black, said the CBC.

The commission’s report recommended an inquiry, referring the matter to the Labour and Employment Board. While no dates have been set for the hearing, Hector expressed relief at this progress.

“They believed me,” he said. “Everything that I had claimed and everything that I had submitted, they believed me. And I think that is such a nice feeling when somebody believes you.”

Hector worked at Xerox Canada for 20 years before resigning in 2019, according to the CBC. He filed his complaint in 2020, stating that he was consistently paid $10,000 less per year than other sales managers.

The human rights commission’s report supported Hector’s claims, revealing disparities in his salary compared to other managers despite his similar job performance.

Xerox cites commitment to DEI

In a statement to the CBC, spokesperson Justin Capella emphasized Xerox’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but stated that the company does not comment on pending litigation. Throughout the investigation, the company has maintained that race was never a factor in Hector’s salary determinations.

According to internal emails included in the commission’s report, Hector’s manager, Tammy Mehan, acknowledged the salary disparity and requested an equity assessment for him. Despite this, the company justified the lower pay by stating that Hector managed an entry-level team and had less tenure compared to other managers.

The commission’s report noted that Xerox claimed Hector’s salary requests were taken seriously and handled without regard to race, said the CBC. However, they also accused him of insubordinate behaviour that allegedly prevented him from receiving a raise.

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