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Brian Kreissl

Organ donor leave in Manitoba

Manitoba has instituted organ donor leave under its Employment Standards Code. This allows an employee to take a 13-week unpaid leave of absence from work to donate an organ or other body tissue. The leave can be extended by an additional 13 weeks in accordance with a doctor’s recommendation. Employees must have worked for the same employer for 30 days to qualify. Ontario is the only other jurisdiction to have similar employment standards provisions.

Supreme Court to rule on effects of delays in privacy proceedings

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an appeal of an Alberta Court of Appeal decision from earlier this year that said the province’s Information and Privacy Commissioner lost the authority to decide a privacy complaint because it took too long. After the Court of Appeal’s decision was handed down, the commissioner stated that up to 180 cases could be affected by the decision and his office does not have enough resources to handle all of the complaints in the time required by Alberta’s privacy legislation.

Ottawa proposes stricter regulation of consultants

The federal government has introduced Bill C-35, An Act to Crack Down on Crooked Consultants. If this bill becomes law, fees for immigration services could only be charged by authorized consultants, lawyers and notaries who are members in good standing of a governing body authorized by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

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