Casino worker discovers his bosses aren’t fans of “Dilbert”

Employee was fired for posting comic strip making fun of bosses on office bulletin board

Management of an Iowa casino didn’t take kindly to an employee who posted a comic which hit too close to home.

David Stewart of Fort Madison, Iowa, found out that the casino where he worked would be laying off several employees. So, he said, he decided to try to cheer people up by postiing a “Dilbert” comic strip on the office bulletin board. In the strip, the character of Dilbert asks the question, “Why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplace are made by drunken lemurs?”

The casino’s upper management apparently found the comic “very offensive.” They looked at surveillance tapes which showed Stewart putting it up on the board. He was then fired.

At a state hearing for his unemployment benefits, the judge agreed the firing was excessive.

In an online post to a cartoonist blog site, cartoonist Norm Feuti weighed in on the case.

“Sounds like these managers see a little too much of their own asinine behaviour on the comics page,” Feuti said.

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