Employee sues HR department for invasion of privacy

E-mail reprimand sent to entire company

A Salt Lake City woman is suing her employer, the Utah Tax Commission, for $250,000 in damages. Amber Taylor claims that when the HR manager e-mailed a letter outlining her problems on the job and disciplinary action taken against her to the whole company, she was so humiliated she had to quit.

Taylor got into an argument with one of her supervisors and some “unpleasantries” were exchanged. The next day, she was given a letter of intent to impose discipline. The commission gave Taylor the choice of undergoing counseling or being fired. She chose counseling. The commission made an appointment for her.

Taylor asked for some time off and was granted two weeks’ leave. The HR manager prepared a formal letter of reprimand and, because Taylor was away from work, e-mailed it to her. The letter contained a history of Taylor’s problems at work and also outlined the need for counseling.

Unfortunately, the letter was mass e-mailed to hundreds of Taylor’s co-workers.

Taylor’s lawsuit alleges that, regardless of whether the mistake was intentional or inadvertent, she has suffered an invasion of her privacy. This is apparently the first time such a claim has been launched in Utah involving e-mail.

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