Lawyers are the happiest office workers in the United Kingdom

U.K. lawyers happier than other office workers; more see themselves as paid better than average

A U.K. study has revealed that lawyers are the happiest office workers in the country.

Badenoch and Clark, a U.K. professional recruitment firm, conducted a survey of 1,012 office workers across the country in July 2007 and released it as its Happiness at Work Index. According to the survey’s results, 64 per cent of lawyers are happy in their current job and only 20 per cent are looking for new opportunities. This compares with 51 per cent of office workers overall who are looking for a job change.

Sixty per cent of lawyers who do change jobs do so because of a higher salary. Other top reasons include flexible hours, better benefits and location. Thirty per cent believe they are being paid more than the average for their position, significantly higher than officer workers in other sectors.

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