Police officer shoots gun inside cell, kills his employment

Claustrophobic cop tries to blast his way out of locked jail cell

A police officer in the United States has lost his job after he apparently lost it inside a new county jail.

Charles Wright, a deputy with the Adair County Sheriff’s office in Columbia, Kentucky, was checking out the county’s new $12.4 million judicial centre on the first day it was open to the public. However, while examining one of the new cells, he was accidentally locked inside. Unfamiliar with the new locking system, he was unable to get out.

Unfortunately, the deputy suffered from claustrophobia and after a short time he began to panic. Before anyone could come by to provide assistance, Wright drew his gun and tried to shoot the bulletproof glass of the cell. Eventually, a guard came by and opened the cell.

Though nobody was hurt, there was one casualty — Wright’s employment. Adair County Sheriff Ralph Curry said it was lucky Wright or anybody else wasn’t hit by richochets when he discharged his weapon. Curry fired Wright for his panicked actions.

The bullets caused minor damage to the cell and Wright agreed to pay for the damage.

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