Saskatchewan's 'available hours' legislation dies

NDP scraps plan to enact provisions of Labour Standards Act that employers called a job killer

The Saskatchewan government has let its “available hours” legislation die, much to the distress of labour groups within the province.

The legislation would have helped part-time workers by requiring employers to distribute additional hours of work to part-time employees on the basis of seniority. It was designed to give workers currently patching together two or three part-time jobs a crack at full-time employment.

The government’s move infuriated some labour groups, who thought the NDP government would follow through with enacting the legislation.

“By backing down to the corporate bullies, the (government) has abandoned the very people who need a courageous government in their corner,” said Larry Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour.

But opposition and employers said available hours would be a job killer and could cripple the province’s burgeoning economy.

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