Webinar: Managing terminations while minimizing legal exposure

Expert discusses how and why it’s important for employers to conduct terminations properly

Webinar: Managing terminations while minimizing legal exposure

With so many employers conducting mass layoffs and terminations since the past year, it’s important for companies to know how to do these things right.

In a Canadian HR Reporter webinar titled “Managing Terminations and Minimizing Legal Exposure,” Ozlem Yucel, employment lawyer and partner at Turnpenney Milne LLP, shared the risks associated with poorly executed terminations and how employers can improve the way they approach it.

“A poorly executed termination can have a significant impact on a workplace. A termination that’s not conducted properly can lead to legal risk,” she says. “Employers who do not conduct terminations properly can be ordered to pay additional compensation to employees.”

The video is available here for free.

Recently, Canada Goose, Stellantis and Desjandins all announced intentions to conduct mass layoffs.

Not only do poorly executed terminations increase financial costs associated with the termination, but they can lead to reputational harm, notes Yucel.

“Employees who are terminated improperly may go on to badmouth the company, resulting in damage to reputation in the industry or amongst customers and internal loss on business.” 

And poorly executed terminations can lead to decreased morale, reduced engagement and productivity and turnover for the employees who remain behind, she says.

The webinar seeks to “provide employers and HR professionals with the information that they need to avoid those pitfalls and approach terminations the right way to avoid legal exposure and minimize it to the greatest extent possible,” says Yucel.

In the webinar, Yucel discusses the laws that apply to provincially-regulated and non-unionized workplaces in Ontario.

She also details how employers can prepare termination documents and conduct termination meetings, and what other things employers must do after the termination meeting.

Watch the video and learn the best practices from an employment law expert today!

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