YouTube horseplay video leads to dismissal

Worker in Singapore posted workplace video on popular website

A temporary worker at a Singapore company has been fired after posting video of himself and other workers horsing around on YouTube, the popular website that lets users post videos.

Terence Tan, 25, was fired by StarHub and the company is reportedly looking at disciplining other workers, according to reports by the Associated Press and local media.

Chan Hoi San, the company’s head of HR, said Tan was fired “due to misconduct in our office premise.” Other staff were reportedly told to take any videos they might have posted offline.

What the clips show

The clips, which are about two to four minutes long, show the workers in company T-shirts playing in the office with an anti-stress ball while others watched. Tan, a recruiter, said he was told he had hurt the company’s image and reputation.

"I thought the matter would be over after the scolding," Tan was quoted by Channel NewsAsia as saying. "I just posted the clips online because we thought they were quite funny. ... It's not like I wanted to tell the public that StarHub was a slack place; nothing of that sort."

The video had reportedly been viewed about 460 times before it was removed.

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