Canadian North

Multiprovince (170 customer service employees) and Unifor 2002

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Renewal agreement: Effective Jan. 1, 2016, to Dec. 31, 2018. Signed April 15, 2016.
Wage adjustments: 
Jan.  1, 2016: 0.6%
Jan. 1, 2017: 1%
Jan. 1, 2018: 1%
Shift premium: Lead agents: $425 per month. Hub operation CSA: $425 per month. Non-hub station OPS premium: $0.75 per hour.
Paid holidays: 10 days (double time and one-half pay for work on a holiday).
Vacations with pay: Full-time: proration of 2 weeks to start, 2 weeks after 1 year, 3 weeks after 2 years, 4 weeks after 7 years, 5 weeks after 15 years.  Part-time: 4% to start, 6% after 2 years, 8% after 7 years, 10% after 15 years. 
Overtime: Time and one-half for hours after regularly scheduled shift.
Meal allowance: Maximum $12 reimbursed for work more than 2 hours past regular shift.
Medical benefits: 60% coverage, where not covered by provincial plans. 
Sick leave: Full-time: First 3 days of absence at 100% of salary. 12 days each year, with a carryover of unused sick days to a maximum of 18 days. Newly hired customer service agents: proration of 12 days. Part-time: maximum 8 sick days per year.
Pension: Option to join after 2 years.
Bereavement leave: First 7 days following a death (spouse, common-law spouse or child). First 5 days after death of immediate family member other than spouse or child (parents of employee or spouse, grandparents of employee or spouse, sisters and brothers of employee and spouse, and grandchildren of employee or spouse).
Seniority – recall rights: 5 years.
Probationary period: 6 months for full-time. 975 hours or 9 months for part-time.
Discipline: Sunset clause is 12 months.
Severance: 1 week of pay per year or a minimum of 2 weeks’ pay to a maximum of 16 weeks.
Safety shoes: Reimburse 100%, $120 maximum every 12 months.
Uniforms/clothing: Company pays 100% of the cost of required uniform. Anything extra, 50%. Full-time: $40 monthly cleaning allowance. Part-time: $20 monthly cleaning allowance. Shoes reimburse 100%, $120 maximum every 12 months.
Sample rates of pay (current, after 2% increase):
0-6 months: $14.47 rising 2 steps to $14.76
7-12 months: $15.59 rising 2 steps to $15.91
13-24 months: $16.70 rising 2 steps to $17.04
25-36 months: $18.93 rising 2 steps to $19.31
37-48 months: $20.07 rising 2 steps to $20.47
49-60 months: $21.19 rising 2 steps to $21.61
61+ months: $22.27 rising 2 steps to $22.71 
Editor’s notes:  Time bank: Banking of overtime 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime. Maximum of 150 hours at any time. Training: Should out-of-base training be required, travel time between the employee’s base and the location of the training session shall be considered as time worked and paid at straight time rates. Moving allowance: Cost of moving household goods, including packing and unpacking, and  disconnecting and reconnecting of appliances and mileage allowance (one vehicle) will be paid by the company. If housing is not immediately available, accommodation and meal costs for the employee and their spouse and dependent children will be paid by the company, based on existing meal per diems, for up to 14 days. Dependent children would receive 50% of the per diem. The meal per diem would not apply in cases where the employee was already receiving it for a work-related reason. Education leave: $1,000 per year. Social justice fund: $250 dollars per year.

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