Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education

Fort McMurray, Alta. (270 maintenance workers) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2559

Renewal agreement: Effective Sept. 1, 2014, to August 31, 2016. Signed on Sept. 9, 2015.

Wage adjustments:

Effective Nov. 15, 2014: 1% lump sum payment
Effective Sept. 1, 2015: 2% wage increase
Effective Nov. 14, 2015: 1% lump sum payment

Shift premium:
85¢ per hour for evening shift. $1 per hour for night shift. If employee works over half the hours of their shift in the evening or the night, the higher applicable premium will apply to all hours worked. $40 per month for 1 person responsible for banking and postal services if banking services not available in subdivision, based on verified expense claims. $30 per month if banking services available in subdivision.

Paid holidays:
12 days.

Vacations with pay
: 2 weeks or 4% to start, 3 weeks or 6% after 2 years, 4 weeks or 8% after 8 years, 5 weeks or 10% after 15 years.  

Time and one-half for hours worked over 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Double time for the custodial and maintenance group.

Medical benefits:
$480 per year to a health spending account for each employee. 80% of monthly premium for custodial and maintenance group employees, 75% for all other employees. 100% of the monthly premiums for permanent employees eligible as of Aug. 31, 2001.

Sick leave:
1.5 days per month of employment, to a maximum of 18 days per year.

Employee eligible to join Local Authorities Pension Plan after 1 year of service.

Bereavement leave:
3 working days, with 2 additional travel days if needed, for critical illness of a spouse, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sibling, grandchild, and grandparents of the employee or employee’s spouse. Same leave for the funeral of the above, plus brother-in-law or sister-in-law. 6 days plus 4 for travel is required for combined critical illness and death of the above.

Seniority – recall rights:
  2 years.

Call-in pay
: 3 hours’ pay at time and one-half. Employees called in are also eligible for mileage.

Probationary period
: 65 days, with possible expansion to 80.

Sunset clause is 2 years.

1 month’s pay for every year of service.

$250 per year per employee for personal safety equipment, or equipment will be provided. $100 per year for 1 bathing suit if employee required to participate in swim program. Smocks and coveralls available to employees whose clothing requires protection due to nature of work. Cleaning and repair of smocks and coveralls will be responsibility of employer.

Sample rates of pay (current, after 2% increase):

Education assistant 1: $21.87 rising in 4 steps to $25
Education assistant 2: $22.72 rising in 4 steps to $25.83
Education assistant 3: $23.08 rising in 4 steps to $26.25
Education assistant 4: $23.53 rising in 4 steps to $26.94
Child care services: $22.72 rising in 4 steps to $25.83
Education assistant 5: $27.55 rising in 1 step to $29.63
Education assistant 6: $30.30 rising in 1 step to $32.59
Teacher assistant supervisors: Half day: $82.85. Full day: $165.71.
Admin support 1: $13.44 rising in 4 steps to $13.85
Admin support 2: $16.59 rising in 4 steps to $18.67
Admin support 4: $23.12 rising in 4 steps to $26.02
Admin support 5: $24.45 rising in 4 steps to $27.51
Admin support 6: $25.78 rising in 4 steps to $29.02
Cleaner: $17.62 rising in 1 step to $19.80
Custodian: $22.26
Head custodian I: $21.94 rising in 1 step to $24.66
Journeyman I: $31.83 rising in 1 step to $35.77
HVAC technician: $31.83 rising in 1 step to $35.77
MSW I: $22.15 rising in 1 step to $24.87
MSW II: $26.01
MSW III: $29.89
Custodial services coordinator: $27.51 rising in 1 step to $31.26

Editor’s notes:
Maternity leave: 15 weeks followed by 37 weeks unpaid parental leave. Employee will receive supplementary employment benefits which combine with employment insurance benefits to make up 95% of weekly earnings for the initial 15 weeks. Parental leave: 37 weeks without pay for the birth or adoption of a child. Personal leave: 2 paid days and up to 3 additional days without pay. Convocation/citizenship leave: 1 day without pay to travel to attend convocation of child, spouse, or self. Time off with pay to attend actual convocation or ceremony. Northern travel allowance: 10% of gross annual regular salary, not to exceed $2,400.

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