Government of Northwest Territories

Territorywide, Northwest Territories (480 teachers) and the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association

Renewal agreement: Effective Aug. 1, 2016, to July 31, 2020. Signed on June 27, 2016.
Dental: Plan provides 100% reimbursement for basic services subject to yearly maximum, 50% reimbursement for major services subject to yearly maximum, 50% of orthodontic services for children under 19 subject to lifetime maximum.
Weekly indemnity: Paid out for maximum 52 weeks. The lesser of $250 or 70% of employee’s weekly earnings or 100% of employee’s weekly earnings reduced by amount of any weekly benefit payable to employee by Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission. Minimum $100.
Sick leave: 15 days per year. 
AD&D: Coverage of $200,000. 
Bereavement leave: 5 days for death in immediate family (father, stepfather, mother, stepmother, brother, sister, spouse, child, stepchild, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, relative who acted as employee’s guardian for at least 10 years prior to employee reaching age of majority, all relatives permanently residing with employee). 3 days for death of brother-in-law, sister-in-law.
Probationary period: 2 years. 
Discipline: Sunset clause is 3 years.
Severance: 10 days’ pay for first, 4 days’ pay for each succeeding year of employment, maximum 140 days. 
Mileage: $0.57 per kilometre for employer’s convenience; $0.25 for employee’s convenience.
Sample rates of annual pay (current, after 2% increase):
Category (step 1)
A: $63,332 rising 4 steps to $64,605
1: $65,461 rising 4 steps to $66,777
2: $69,005 rising 4 steps to $70,392
3: $72,726 rising 4 steps to $74,188
4: $78,600 rising 4 steps to $80,180
5: $82,743 rising 4 steps to $84,406
6: $86,253 rising 4 steps to $87,987
Sample rates of daily pay (current, after 2% increase):
Substitute teachers
Category (step 1)
1: $214.82 rising 4 steps to $219.14
2: $257.79 rising 4 steps to $262.97
3: $309.34 rising 4 steps to $315.56
Sample allowances (current):
Grade and subject coordinator’s allowance: $2,145
Language allowance: $5,949
Teacher consultant’s allowance: $5,185
Direction of student teacher allowance: $162
Mentoring allowance: $1,294
Professional allowance: $1,300
Editor’s notes: Attendance at courses: Employee who attends course at request of employer during July and August and will be returning to teach with employer at start of academic year following course will be paid allowance for each day of course, return transportation from point of departure, $10 per day and cost of tuition and books. Distance education courses: $2,500 per year (July 1 to June 30) for tuition reimbursement for distance courses. Per-diem rate: For meals and incidental expenses: $100 per day to employee on duty-travel to destination(s) in N.W.T. for any day that includes overnight stay; $75 for employee on duty-travel in day that does not include overnight stay.

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