IKEA executives in police custody over allegations of illegal snooping on staff, customers

Unions filed hundreds of complaints over past 5 years

PARIS (CP) – Officials say senior executives of IKEA France are in police custody over allegations that they illegally spied on employees and customers.

IKEA France has fired four employees and instituted a code of conduct in response to the investigation, which began in April 2012. French officials close to the case said IKEA France CEO Stefan Vanoverbeke and its finance chief, Dariusz Rycher, were apprehended Monday and were questioned for a second day Tuesday. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly about the case. Under French law the men must be freed within 24 hours or formally charged.

Two unions have filed complaints against IKEA, accusing them of spying on hundreds of employees and customers over at least five years. IKEA France is a subsidiary of Swedish furniture giant IKEA.

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