Job availability dropped in February: StatsCan

National vacancy rate sitting at 1.3 per cent

Earlier this year, the number of job vacancies in the country dropped, according to the latest numbers from Statistics Canada.

On May 20, the three-month average — ending in February — for job vacancies was released, indicating a decline from the previous year.

In February, there were 194,000 job vacancies among Canadian businesses, which equates to a decline of 21,000 opening compared with February of 2013. There were seven unemployed people for every job vacancy, up from 6.3 the previous year. The increase in the unemployment-to-job-vacancy ratio was mostly the result of the decline in job vacancies, Statistics Canada noted.

The national job vacancy rate for that time period was 1.3 per cent, down from 1.5 per cent the year before.

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