KP Building Products

Halton Hills, Ont. (100 machinists, electricians, millwrights, operators, labourers) and the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers Intl. Union (USW), Local 603L

Renewal agreement: Effective Nov. 1, 2016, to Oct. 31, 2021. Signed on March 14, 2017.
Shift premium: $0.40 per hour for employees working on second shift. $0.61 per hour for employees working on third shift. $0.65 per hour (previously $0.61 per hour) for 12-hour shift employees working on night shift. 
Paid holidays: 10 days, plus 1 floater day. 
Vacations with pay: 2 weeks or 4% after 1 year, 3 weeks or 6% after 3 years, 4 weeks or 8% after 8 years, 5 weeks or 10% after 16 years. 
Overtime: Time and one-half for all work after 40 hours per week or 84 hours every 2 weeks. Double time for work between midnight Saturday and midnight Sunday. $10 when employee is called in to work for non-scheduled overtime, and who lives more than 10 miles from plant. 
Meal allowance: $11 to employees who are required to work 2 hours past normal quitting time and to employees called in at least 2 hours prior to normal starting time.
Medical benefits: Employer pays 80% of premiums, employee pays 20% of premiums. 
Dental: Employer pays 80% of premiums, employee pays 20% of premiums. 
STD: Employee pays 100% of premiums.
LTD: Employee pays 100% of premiums. 
AD&D: Employee pays 100% of premiums.
Life insurance: Employer pays 100% of premiums.
Pension: ABT Canada Limited Pension Plan January 1996.
Bereavement leave: 4 days for death of spouse, common-law spouse, child, stepchild, father, mother, parent-in-law, brother, sister, grandchild, grandparent. day of funeral for brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law.
Seniority – recall rights: 12 months with less than 5 years or service; 24 months after 5 years of service. 
Probationary period: 960 normal working hours during 9-month period. 
Discipline: Sunset clause is 2 years.
Severance: 1 week’s pay per year of service, maximum 26 weeks. 
Safety shoes: $130 per pair for 2 pairs per year for maintenance personnel. $130 per pair for 1 pair per year for all other personnel.
Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after increase):
Machinist A: $32.85 rising 3 steps to $34.86
Electrician: $32.85 rising 3 steps to $34.86
Millwright A: $31.64 rising 3 steps to $33.58
QC inspector: $22.28 rising 3 steps to $23.64
Operator A: $22.28 rising 3 steps to $23.64
Compounder: $22.28 rising 3 steps to $23.18
Grinder: $21.35 rising 3 steps to $22.22
Shipping/receiving lead-hand: $20.96 rising 3 steps to $22.25
Editor’s notes: Humanity fund: Employer will contribute $0.01 cents per hour from the wages of employees in the bargaining unit for all hours worked into United Steelworkers humanity fund. g

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