Long lines at Pearson Airport as security, management dispute

Employees protesting shift bidding cause delays for passengers

A dispute between security screeners at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and their employer, Garda Security, is leading to long delays at the airport.

UPDATE: Pearson Airport security staff suspended because of delays

The security screeners launched a “go-slow” campaign at checkpoints in “Terminal One” on Oct. 6.

Garda Security, a private company that is contracted by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, won an injunction yesterday prohibiting workers from slowing down on the job. However, long line ups were still being reported today. Some reports say security delays are taking up to three hours and airplanes are waiting two hours on the tarmac.

A statement on the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s website is asking passengers to check the status of their flights before arriving to the airport.

Garda and its employees are disputing a new scheduling system being implemented that the union claims is not part of their current collective agreement. According to a release on the union’s website, Garda is trying to implement shift bidding, but the union says the change will be detrimental to the lives of its members.

Earlier this year, members of the Canadian Airport Workers union, who work for Garda, protested against potential job cuts.

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