New application process for CPP launched

Process now completed entirely online

A new online application process for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) was recently launched by the federal government.

The new process allows claimants to complete and submit their CPP retirement pension application entirely online. This online process replaced the previous system, which required claimants to complete the application online before then printing and mailing a signed signature page.

Claimants can still apply by completing the paper application form or by visiting a Service Canada centre.

Employment and Social Development Canada recommended that claimants apply approximately six months before they want their retirement pension to begin, but not more than one year ahead of time.

The My CPP Retirement online application uses existing departmental information provided by Service Canada.

Service Canada reportedly processed as many as 280,000 new CPP retirement pension applications in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

“Our government is taking major steps to simplify and modernize the CPP applications process,” said Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson. “Now, more than ever, Canadians can access benefits online in a timely and secure manner.”

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