Ocean Choice International

Bonavista/South Dildo/Port aux Choix/Triton, N.L. (550 production, maintenance employees) and the FFAW-Unifor (Fish, Food & Allied Workers) union

Ocean Choice International
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Renewal agreement: Effective Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2020. Signed on April 3, 2018.

Shift premium: $0.30 per hour for all excessively dirty work (cleaning boilers, dirty tanks); when working on ladders, floating scaffolding, scaffolding at heights of 20 feet or more; above level of wheelhouse roof; when required to work in confined spaces. Time and one-half for all hours worked before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m. or hours after 8 hours worked between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Bonavista plant. $1.50 for all hours worked on Saturday. $2.50 in addition for all hours worked on Sunday. $0.20 per hour for chargehands. $0.15 per hour on all hours worked on 4 p.m. to midnight shift; $0.25 cents per hour on all hours worked on midnight to 8 a.m. shift for employees working 3 rotating shifts. $2.50 per hour to certified journeyman welders where work performed requires certificate. $0.10 per hour while welding aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel.

Paid holidays: 8 days.

Vacations with pay: 4% of time off to start, 6% of time off after 5 years, 8% of time off after 14 years.

Overtime: Time and one-half for all work after 8 or 10 hours per day (shrimp operations) or 40 hours per week. Time and one-half for all work in excess of 80 hours per 2-week period. Time and one-half for hours worked on pelagics in excess of 40 hours per week (Triton employees). Double time for work on Sunday (Dildo only). Time and one-half for work on Sunday plus $2 per hour for shrimp operations. Time and one-half for all hours worked on Sunday by production workers in Bonavista and Triton in job grades 1 to 4. Double time for all work after 11 hours in 24-hour period, double time and one-half for work after 15 hours.

Meal allowance: $12 maximum value for meal, when overtime is not scheduled in advance and continues without break from employee’s regular shift and is more than 2 hours, for maintenance employees.

Sick leave: 1 day after 30 days or seniority; 1 additional day after 850 hours per year; 1 additional day after 1,500 days per year.

Bereavement leave: 5 days for death in immediate family (spouse (including common-law) child, brother, sister, parent, legal guardian, grandchild). 3 days for death of mother-in-law, father-in-law. 2 days for death of brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, great-grandparent. 1 extra day when funeral takes place outside province and is attended by employee.

Seniority – recall rights: 24 months while on layoff; 1 year when seniority employee is promoted to permanent vacancy or to new position outside bargaining unit.

Call-in pay: Minimum 4 hours’ at appropriate rate (employees will not be required to work on jobs unrelated to purpose of call-in).

Probationary period: 30 working days.

Discipline: Sunset clause is 9 months worked.

Uniforms/clothing: Employer, union local at each location will agree on free issue of clothing articles and frequency of additional issues. Upon commencement of employment, each new hire will receive 1 free issue of clothing articles specified for classification in which employee has been hired. Where applicable, protective clothing will be supplied by employer. Employer will provide safety-hat liners, welding jackets, welding gloves (for helpers), smoke extractors, ear protection, safety gloves, acid coveralls, safety harness, access to toxic gas monitor, cutting goggles, air-circulating helmet (1 per maintenance operation (plant, marine)).

Tool allowance: $0.20 per hour for maintenance tradesperson, other employees who do maintenance work and use own tools.

Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 6.1% increase):

Job grade 1

Casual workers: $15.52 rising 3 steps to $16.47

Job grade 2

I.Q.F. workers/trimmers/candlers/boners/wormers/graders/cullers/receiving (shed) room workers/skinning-machine feeders/plate-freezer workers/cold-storage workers/pkg. material whse. helper/stevedoring workers/watchmen, service-labour workers/general labourer/offal-workers packers/wrappers/weighers/I.Q.F. feeders/secondary processing workers/first-aid attendant/shrimp peelers/inspectors/wrapping-machine feeders/carton folders/pan washers/janitor/marl-pac worker/crab-plant workers/cookhouse attendant: $15.65 rising 3 steps to $16.60

Job grade 3

Cutters/trawler discharge and leers/flake ice workers/payloader and forklift operator/tallyman/weighmaster/crane operator/heckers (bone, defect, work content/fish count and skinning machine checkers)/quality control assistant/stockroom clerk/cutting machine operator/sawman/0008 mixer tender/pkg. material warehouseman/shrimp-peeler operator/shrimp freezer operator/crab butcher/dockside graders/assistant breading line operator/assistant process cook/clean-up workers: $15.76 rising 3 steps to $16.71

Job grade 6

Tradesmen B: $21.57 rising 3 steps to $22.52

Job grade 7

Journeyman AA: $23.12 rising 3 steps to $24.07

Journeyman A: $22.45 rising 3 steps to $23.40

Job grade 8

Truck driver/fuelman/sailmaker: $19.06 rising 3 steps to $20.01

Breading-line operator: $19.46 rising 3 steps to $20.41

Job grade 9

Crane operator certified (70’ boom): $21.57 rising 3 steps to $22.52

Shift engineers

Refrigeration A and B or third- and fourth-class stationary: $23.12 rising 3 steps to $24.07

Uncertified refrigeration (learning): $21.13 rising 3 steps to $22.08

Discharging and sorting of shrimp (Dildo)

Job grade 1: discharge workers/general labourer/spotter: $15.65 rising 3 steps to $16.60

Job grade 2: forklift and crane operators/taileyperson: $15.76 rising 3 steps to $16.71

4-year apprenticeship

First year: 75% of journeyman A rate

Second year: 80% of journeyman A rate

Third year: 87% of journeyman A rate

Fourth year: 92% of journeyman A rate

3-year apprenticeship

First year: 70% of journeyman A rate

Second year: 80% of journeyman A rate

Third year: 90% of journeyman A rate

Editor’s notes: Paid education leave: Employer will contribute $28,000, on Dec. 1 in each year of agreement, to FFAW-Unifor paid education leave fund. Fresh milk: Employer will maintain supply of fresh milk to welders when galvanized metals, aluminum materials are being welded.

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