Ontario unions stand together in fight against ‘devastating cuts’

Public servants’ health benefits, salaries could be affected

Six unions are joining forces to fight cuts to Ontario’s public servants.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and the Professional Engineers Government of Ontario (PEGO) — along with three other associations — have declared their support for AMAPCEO.

The bargaining agents — representing 57,000 public servants working directly for the government of Ontario — pledged their support for AMAPCEO on April 16. They say the union is facing unprecedented demands for cuts, claw backs and concessions.

“The employer is attacking not just AMAPCEO members, retirees and their families, but the entire public service in Ontario,” said AMAPCEO president Gary Gannage. “The support of the other public service unions and associations is a powerful message of unity the government should pay attention to.”

Members’ health and retiree benefits, sick pay and future salaries will reportedly be affected by the proposed cuts.

“A successful attack on AMAPCEO members will only embolden the government when it comes time to bargain with OPSEU. AMAPCEO’s fight is our fight, and together we can stand against the employer’s efforts to attack OPS employees, retirees and their families,” said OPSEU president Smokey Thomas.

Negotiations between AMAPCEO and the provincial government are currently at a stand-still. While both sides have agreed to go to mediation, the union received a 94 per cent vote in favour of a strike in late March.

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