Quinn Construction

Provincewide, Alberta (210 construction workers) and the Quinn Construction Employees’ Association

Renewal agreement: Effective Feb. 1, 2016, to Jan. 31, 2017. Signed on Feb. 1, 2016.

Shift premium:
$2 per hour for employees appointed process liaisons. $2 shift differential.

Paid holidays:
4.4% of regular wages in lieu of 11 holidays. Time and one-half for working one of the holidays.

Vacations with pay:
6% to start, 8% after 10 years, added to employee’s biweekly paycheques.

Time and one-half.

Medical benefits:
100% of all insurance benefit plans excluding LTD.

Safety glasses will be provided by employer.

Sick leave:
Not to exceed 1 week, unpaid, unless employer agrees.

6% of base pay contributed by employer.

Bereavement leave:
5 paid days to make arrangements for and attend the funeral of an employee’s father, mother, spouse, or child.

Call-in pay:
2 hours’ pay at applicable hourly rate if employee reports for work and no work is available. 4 hours’ pay if an employee is prevented from completing their normal shift, unless it is for reasons completely out of the employer’s control in which case employees receive 2 hours’ pay. Full subsistence allowance will also be paid, if and when applicable.

Probationary period:
3 months.

Safety shoes:
$200 per year for approved safety footwear. 500 hours of work per year to be eligible and must be actively working.

Safety hats, gloves, and rain gear will be provided by employer.

Tool allowance:
Employer will provide tools needed for the job.

Travel allowance paid, at beginning and end of project, if job site not accessible by public transportation and is outside the 80 km radius-free travel and subsistence zone. Amount to be negotiated. For all projects, regardless of accessibility, if an employee transports an employer’s vehicle to the job for employer purposes, the employee will be paid regular rate for actual travel time.

Sample rates of pay (current):

Maintenance/construction technician 6: $29.80
Maintenance/construction technician lead hand: $32.78
Craftsman: $35.74
Craftsman lead hand: $38.24
Senior craftsman: $38.16
Senior craftsman lead hand: $41.66
Field coordinator: $43.66

Editor’s notes:
Layoff: An employee laid off but recalled within 1 year will not serve a new probationary period. Orientation time: Employees will be compensated for payroll signup, viewing-required client and employer videos, and completing benefit documents. Time for drug and alcohol testing is not compensated. On-the-job injury: Employer will provide transportation to local physician or hospital. Leave without pay: Marriage of employee, sickness of employee or member of immediate family, death in the family, association activity. Not to exceed 1 week unless employer agrees.

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