River East Transcona School Division

Winnipeg (1,160 workers, education, law and social, community and government workers) and the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS)

Renewal agreement: Effective July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2018. Signed on June 29, 2015.
Wage adjustments: 
Effective fall term 2016: 2%
Effective fall term 2017: 1.5%
Effective Jan. 1, 2018: 1.5%
Vacations with pay: 2 personal leave days per school year.
Medical benefits: Employer and employees share cost of extended health benefits plan.
Dental: Employer funds dental plan.
Sick leave: 20 days per school year, maximum accumulation of 130 days.
STD: Employees pay premiums for STD plan.
LTD: Employees pay premiums for disability benefits plan.
Life insurance: Employer and employees share cost of Manitoba Public School Employees’ Group Life Insurance Plan.
Bereavement leave: Up to 5 paid days for death of parent, spouse, child, sibling, parent-in-law, grandchild, grandparents. Up to 1 paid day for death of child-in-law, sibling in law, or to attend funeral as pallbearer.
Seniority – recall rights: 1 calendar year after Sept. 30 following date of layoff.
Sample rates of annual pay (current):
Class 1 teacher: $36,074 rising 7 steps to $48,319
Class 2 teacher: $42,006 rising 7 steps to $56,075
Class 3 teacher: $48,368 rising 7 steps to $64,009
Class 4 teacher: $55,720 rising 11 steps to $85,456
Class 5 teacher: $59,451 rising 11 steps to $90,138
Class 6 teacher: $63,136 rising 11 steps to $95,587
Class 7 teacher: $66,840 rising 11 steps to $100,799
Principal’s allowance: $16,545 base rate, $10.28 per student, $111.25 per staff
Vice-principal’s allowance: 50% of principal’s
Director’s allowance: $17,253 on appointment
Designated teacher’s allowance: $874
Senior high school department head: $2,995 to $5,154, depending on department size
Junior high school team leader: $2,316 plus $163 per full-time teacher on team
Elementary/early years co-ordinator: $735
Substitute teacher: $127 per day (classes 1 to 3), $182 per day (classes 4 to 7)
Editor’s notes: Major religious holidays: Up to 3 paid days per school year for major religious holy days observed by the teacher.

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