Shaw Pipe

Edmonton (220 employees) and the Construction and General Workers' Union Local 92.

Renewal agreement: Effective June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2015.

Wage adjustments:
Effective June 1, 2013: 3.5%
Effective June 1, 2014: 3.5%

Shift premium: 95¢ per hour for second shift, $1.06 per hour for a third shift. 12-hour shifts paid at regular rate, double time for additional daily hours. Double time paid for 2 12-hour shifts worked in 1 week.

Paid holidays: 12 days. Double time for all shifts worked on named holidays.

Vacations with pay: 3 weeks after 1 year, 4 weeks after 5 years, 5 weeks after 20 years.

Overtime: Time and one-half for first 2 hours, double time for hours worked in excess of that. Time and one-half for first 4 hours worked on a Saturday, double time for subsequent hours. Double time for all hours worked on Sundays. Additional 75¢ per hour for class 11 and 12 employees required to start a shift after 9 a.m. and up to 1 p.m.

Meal allowance: $14 after 14 hours of work.

Pension: $2.20 for all hours worked contributed by the company to the Labourer's Pension Fund of Western Canada.

Bereavement leave: 3 days for immediate family, including mother, father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister, brother, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, wife, husband, children, grandchildren, grandparents. 1 day for sister-in-law or brother-in-law.

Seniority – recall rights: 2 years.

Call-in pay: 2 hours paid at regular rate.

Probationary period: 3 months.

Safety shoes: Up to $125 per year.

Uniforms/clothing: Up to $175 for prescription safety glasses with side shields. Rain gear, rubber boots, and coveralls provided and replaced as necessary.

Sample rates of pay, current:
Labourer 1: $23.35 per hour
Labourer 2: $30.07
Pick-up and delivery driver: $30.32
Joint cutters: $30.62
Mechanic's helper: $30.62
Internal brush machine operator: $31.38
Small forklift operator: $31.38
Overhead crane operator: $32.01
Truck driver, first class: $32.01
Pipe receiver and distributor: $32.35
Cement machine operator: $32.35
Shipper/gateman: $33.47
Extruder operator: $35.91
Crane operator: $41.38
Sheet metal mechanic: $42.93
Auto mechanic: $42.93
Machinist: $42.93
Government certified welder: $42.93
Machinist: $42.93
Heavy duty mechanic: $42.93
Millwright: $42.93
Electrician: $45.30

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