The City of Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove, Alta. (46 firefighters) and the Spruce Grove Firefighters Association of International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), Local 3021

Renewal agreement: Effective July 1, 2014, to Dec. 31, 2019. Signed on June 13, 2016.
Wage adjustments: 
Effective first year: 2%
Effective second year: 2%
Effective third year: 2%
Effective fourth year: 2.5%
Shift premium: $1 per hour for all night shifts.
Paid holidays: 12 days plus one Christmas floater day on Dec. 24. 
Vacations with pay: 126.62 hours to start, 135.46 hours after 5 years, 144.04 hours after 6 years, 154.96 hours after 7 years, 168.22 after 8 years, 176.80 after 9 years, 187.72 hours after 10 years, 198.64 hours after 11 years, 209.56 hours after 12 years, 220.48 hours after 13 years, 231.40 hours after 14 years, 242.32 hours after 15 years, 253.24 hours after 16 years, 286 hours after 25 years. Must be used each year, but may be accrued more than 100% once every 5 years. 
Overtime: Triple time for a callout on a statutory holiday. Double time after regular working hours for callout, duty shift, hours while instructing an approved or certified course outside of regular duties, extension to shift, work-related court duty. Time and one-half for training or meetings. Can be banked up to 62 hours per year.
Meal allowance: When working emergency or non-emergency calls for more than 3 hours, food and refreshments will be provided.
Sick leave: 8.3 hours per pay period, maximum 1,092 hours.
LTD: 60% of pre-disability earnings, employee pays premiums.
Bereavement leave: 3 shifts off for death in immediate family. 2 additional shifts if driving more than 500 kilometres away (one way) for funeral. 1 additional shift if travelling more than 500 kilometres away (one way) by other means.
Seniority – recall rights: 24 months. 
Probationary period: 1 year. 
Discipline: Sunset clause is 18 months.
Severance: 1 year's service: 2 weeks’ pay; 2 year's service: 4 weeks’ pay; 3 year's service: 6 weeks’ pay; 4 year's service: 8 weeks’ pay; 5 year's service: 10 weeks’ pay; 6 year's service: 12 weeks’ pay; 7 year's service: 14 weeks’ pay; 8 year's service: 16 weeks’ pay; 9 year's service: 18 years’ pay; 10 year's service: 20 weeks’ pay; 11 year's service: 22 weeks’ pay; 12 year's service: 24 weeks’ pay; 13 year's service: 26 weeks’ pay; 14 year's service: 28 weeks’ pay; 15 year's service: 30 weeks’ pay; 16 year's service: 32 weeks’ pay; 17 year's service: 34 weeks’ pay; 18 year's service: 36 weeks’ pay; 19 year's service: 38 week’s pay; 20+ year's service: 40 weeks’ pay.
Uniforms/clothing: $140 dollars per year for dry cleaning.
Sample rates of annual pay (current, after 6.6% increase):
Captain: $120,291.14 rising 4 steps to $128,279.67
Lieutenant: $110,491.36 rising 4 steps to $117,829.09
Senior firefighter: $100,712.48 rising 4 steps to $107,400.79
First-class firefighter: $97,788.80 rising 4 steps to $104,282.95
Second-class firefighter: $88,012.24 rising 4 steps to $93,857.13
Third-class firefighter: $78,235.68 rising 4 steps to $83,431.32
Probationary: $68,459.13 rising 4 steps to $73,005.50
Fire prevention officer – third year: $107,567.68 rising 4 steps to $114,711.25
Fire prevention officer – second year: $102,678.24 rising 4 steps to $109,497.10
Fire prevention officer – first year: $97,788.80 rising 4 steps to $104,282.95
Editor’s notes: IAFF decal: The city will allow the association to attach 1 IAFF decal to each fire-service vehicle, excluding the chief officer’s vehicle, on the lower passenger side of the windshield. Temporary member hire: Maximum term of employment shall be 18 months to address vacation leave, extended sick leave, and other approved leaves. Physical fitness program: In order to ensure members’ fitness is appropriate for their duties, the city will provide 60 minutes for fitness followed by a 15-minute shower break per shift, provided response readiness is not compromised. Captive workforce: The association recognizes that captive workforce means that staff are under the direction of supervisors at all times while on duty, with no guarantee to break periods. Long-service bonus: $200 in the 5th year of continuous service; $400 in the 10th year; $600 in the 15th year; $800 in the 20th year; $1,000 in the 25th year; $1,200 in the 30th year; $1,400 in the 35th year. Health and wellness reimbursement: Employer reimburses $100 per year for items purchased that support a healthy lifestyle.

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