UFCW aligns with American union federation

Move creates a unified voice for workers, president says

Last week, the union representing more than 1 million grocery, retail and food manufacturers in North America joined the American federation of unions.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, announced on Aug. 8 that they would be joining the American Federation of Labour-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) — a voluntary umbrella group representing 58 unions.

The move will create a unified voice for the rights of workers, said Joe Hansen, international president of UFCW.

“We join the AFL-CIO because it is the right thing to do for UFCW members, giving them more power and influence. This is not about which building in Washington, D.C. we call home — it is about fostering more opportunities for workers to have a true voice on the job,” he said. “It is about joining forces to build a more united labour movement that can fight back against the corporate and political onslaught facing our members each and every day.”

Richard Trumka, president of the labour federation, echoed his beliefs, adding that the timing couldn’t be better.

“A stronger, more unified grassroots movement of working men and women is exactly what’s needed to raise wages for workers and rebuild an American middle class. Together we are stronger—it’s as simple as that. Together working people have a stronger voice and the power to defend their rights on the job,” Trumka said. “What’s exciting is that many workers are already speaking out and taking action to build power together, so UFCW’s affiliation to build a stronger movement couldn’t be more timely.”

The UFCW kicked off its annual convention on Aug. 12 in Chicago.

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