Unlawful election advertising complaint filed against Canada Post

Canadian Union of Postal Workers files complaint over flyers

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has accused Canada Post of failing to register as a third part with Elections Canada while engaging in election advertising.

“Canada Post’s material clearly qualifies as election advertising,” said CUPW national president Mike Palecek.

The union filed the official complaint against Canada Post Corporation for distributing flyers about the group mailboxes it plans to use to replace home delivery.

“This material is a sales pitch for the Conservatives’ group mailboxes,” Palecek said of the flyers. “Other political parties are committed to stopping the cuts to door-to-door delivery and have been campaigning about it. It’s a major election issue.”

According to the Canada Elections Act, election advertising is the transmission of a message that promotes or opposes a registered party or the election of a candidate, including one that takes a position on an issue with which a registered party or candidate is associated. CUPW said it registered its “Save Canada Post” campaign with Elections Canada as required by federal law.

“Even though we disagree with the unprecedented restrictions placed on freedom of expression by the so-called Fair Elections Act, we’ve been playing by the rules and we expect Canada Post Corporation to do the same when it’s working for the Conservatives,” said Palecek.

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