A Parti Quebecois government would seek control of EI

Putting EI under provincial jurisdiction would help develop Quebec’s outlying regions: PQ

The Parti Quebecois said it would seek control of employment insurance (EI) if it forms a government after the next provincial election.

PQ Leader Pauline Marois said control of EI would be a valuable tool to develop Quebec's regions.

If the PQ is the next Quebec government, it would ask to have control of EI funds and reserve the right to opt out of the federal program once the money had been obtained, said Marois.

The federal government has already given Quebec control over parental leave which set the precedent, said Marois.

In an effort to help develop Quebec’s outlying regions, Marois said the plan would be flexible and tailored to individual areas.

The next provincial election can be held as late as December 2013.

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