January 2012 version of payroll deductions online calculator now available

Changes to the calculator include revised instructions throughout the process

The Jan. 1, 2012, edition of the payroll deductions online calculator (PDOC) is now available on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website.

The CRA has made changes to the payroll deductions online calculator including:

•implementing the "employer's employment insurance (EI) premium rate" field if a reduced EI premium rate applies to your business

•providing revised step-by-step help instructions for each category and each page throughout the process

•providing general information for the new Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions rules in "what is new for CPP?" on the sidebar list

•displaying the most frequently asked questions in "FAQ"

Clear your cache

Users assume the risk associated with any use of the calculator and their computers. The CRA does not keep any of the data entered. All data stays at the user’s computer, said the CRA.

Users should clear their browser caches when they complete a transaction. Information may be stored in users’ caches, which could be accessed by others.

Accurate information

This calculator works with the information provided. Users are reminded to ensure the information inputted in the calculator is accurate, said the CRA.

Statement of earnings

The printed calculations created by this calculator are not to be used as a statement of earnings. To be sure legislative requirements for information on a statement of earnings are met, payroll professionals are asked to contact an employment standards representative.

To use the calculator visit: www.cra.gc.ca/pdoc

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