Manulife partners with Shoppers to advise medical marijuana patients

Includes information on right strain of cannabis, different ways to use it

Manulife partners with Shoppers to advise medical marijuana patients
A pedestrian walks past a Shoppers Drug Mart in Ottawa. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

TORONTO (Reuters) — Manulife Financial, Canada's biggest insurance company, said on Tuesday it will partner with a drugstore chain owned by Loblaw Companies to provide advice to patients whose medical marijuana use it covers.

Manulife and Canadian rival Sun Life Financial already provide limited medical cannabis cover for select clients, with annual limits and for a few conditions, making Canada one of the few countries in the world where insurers underwrite marijuana-related claims.

Starting this fall, trained pharmacists at Loblaw-owned Shoppers Drug Mart will give guidance to Manulife customers on the right strains of medical cannabis and the different ways to use it, Manulife said in a statement. Patients will still have to order medical cannabis from licensed producers and receive it by mail, as storefront access remains illegal.

Canadian law allows patients to pay for medical cannabis with money from health-care spending accounts, which are financed by employers, but insurance companies make their own decisions on including it in their benefit plans.

Insurers have been slow to cover medical cannabis in a manner similar to pharmaceutical drugs, wary of the potentially high costs of coverage and a dearth of clinical evidence for its efficacy.

“Medical marijuana can be complex. Most medically-authorized patients need help finding the right solution for their condition,” said Donna Carbell, senior vice-president, group benefits. “Manulife’s medical marijuana program will ensure people have appropriate advice, make informed decisions and receive the support they need to choose the appropriate strain for their condition.”

“Shoppers Drug Mart’s trusted health-care professionals can provide patients with greater attention and support to navigate the complexities of medical cannabis therapies,” said Mark Rolnick, vice-president, employer health solutions, Shoppers Drug Mart. “We are excited about this new partnership and its ability to help Manulife customers live their lives well.”

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