Ontario launches blitz to protect temp workers

Looking to ensure compliance with employment standards

Ontario is working to ensure fairness in the workplace by proactively inspecting temp agencies across the province in a three-month blitz this summer, according to the provincial government.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Labour are performing targeted inspections to ensure the agencies are in compliance with the Employment Standards Act.

The inspections will ensure compliance on standards such as:
•minimum wage
•vacation pay
•public holidays, including time off and public holiday pay
•rules related to hours of work, eating periods and overtime pay.

"Temporary employees are an important and vital part of Ontario's workforce and our provincial economy. Our government is committed to ensuring that all Ontario employees, and especially our most vulnerable workers, are protected and treated fairly no matter where they work,” said Linda Jeffrey, minister of labour.

Since 2004, the ministry's Employment Standards Program has recovered more than $90 million in wages and other monies owed to employees through inspections, claims and collections, according to the Ontario government.

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