PST registration now open in B.C.

Businesses can now register to collect the tax, which is being implemented April 1

Business in British Columbia that sell or lease taxable goods, or sell software or taxable services in the province, can now register to collect the tax.

Registration for the provincial sales tax (PST) opened on Jan. 2, 2013. The PST will be implemented on April 1, 2013. B.C. had adopted a harmonized sales tax (HST) — a blend of the PST and federal GST — but residents voted to axe the HST in a referendum and return to the PST.

Business can register three ways:

Online: Go to (Online registration should take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.)

In person: Go to the nearest Service BC Centre. See locations at

Mail/fax: Complete the Application for Registration for Provincial Sales Tax (FIN 418) found at

Michael de Jong, B.C.’s minister of finance, said the government is “committed to ensuring businesses have the support they need to make a smooth transition back to the PST.”

For more information about the tax, visit

Quick facts on measures to improve the PST:

•the due date for tax remittance and returns will be moved to the last day of the month to match GST remittance, simplifying administration for business

•the Hotel Room Tax (eight per cent, as it was before July 2010) now will be incorporated into the PST — no more separate registration, remittance or returns, reducing paperwork

retailers will be allowed to refund tax to customers in a broader range of circumstances.

•businesses that collect and remit tax will again receive commission of up to $198 per reporting period (typically monthly)

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