Reminder: Minimum wage increase April 1

Yukon minimum wage increasing to $9 per hour

The Yukon government has announced the minimum wage will be increasing April 1, 2011, to $9 per hour. The current wage rate is $8.93 per hour.

Each April 1, the minimum wage is adjusted based on the previous calendar year’s consumer price index for Whitehorse.

For a domestic, farm worker, guide or person employed by an outfitter that is not paid an hourly rate or is on piece work, the minimum wage is eight hours multiplied by the current minimum wage rate to calculate the minimum amount for each day or part day worked.

The minimum wage for a piece worker or someone paid a commission is calculated by multiplying the standard hours worked in a pay period by the minimum wage. For example, if an employee works 72 hours in a two week period, the minimum wage for this employee is 72 hours multiplied by current minimum wage.

Minimum wage for a taxi driver is calculated by multiplying the number of standard and overtime hours worked in a pay period by the regular and overtime minimum wage. If the commissions earned by the taxi driver in a pay period do not equal the amount calculated as the minimum wage, the employer must pay the difference.

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