Tax deductible portion of meal expenses increased to 80 per cent for long-haul truck drivers

The change brings Canadian drivers in line with American counterparts

The federal government has increased the tax deductible portion of meal expenses for long-haul truck drivers to 80 per cent, effective Jan. 1, 2011.

This is the final step towards fulfilling the commitment the federal government made in 2007 to restore the meal tax deductibility to 80 per cent by 2011, and the limit has been gradually increasing each year.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) said it welcomes this change, which will allow Canadian long-haul truck drivers to enjoy the same meal deduction allowances as their US counterparts.

“CTA is pleased that the Minister of Finance and the Government of Canada are continuing to honour their commitment, despite being under fiscal pressure,” said David Bradley, chief executive officer of the CTA. “The government deserves a great deal of credit for continuing to be responsive to the needs of the trucking industry and truck drivers in particular.”

In order to be eligible for the tax deduction drivers must generally be away for at least 24 consecutive hours and the purpose of the trip must be to transport goods beyond a 160 km radius from the home location. In addition the vehicle must have a gross vehicle weight of greater than 11,788 kg.

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