More than half of workers planning to look for new job in 2018: Survey

Top reason? Lack of recognition and engagement

More than half of workers plan to seek new jobs in 2018, with more than one-quarter saying a lack of recognition for their efforts by their current employer is driving their decision.

Fifty-five per cent of 1,724 respondents in the Canada, the United States and Australia said their plans include switching jobs, with the main reasons being a lack of recognition and engagement at their current employer (44 per cent) and they’re ready for a change (31 per cent), found the survey by Achievers, provider of employee recognition and engagement solutions.

 “With unemployment at record low levels, it’s more important than ever before to retain valuable talent. These findings underscore that employees are less influenced by incentives such as free lunch. They want to work for an employer that recognizes and rewards their contributions to meaningful work,” said Achievers general manager Owen Sagness.

When asked what would motivate them to remain with their current employer, respondents cited interesting work (74 per cent) and recognition and rewards (69 per cent) as the top factors. Compensation was seen as a lower priority for the workers surveyed, ranking below positive corporate culture and opportunities for career advancement.

When asked about additional perks, more time off (57 per cent) and the ability to work remotely (55 per cent) garnered more favourable feedback in relation to increased retention, found Achievers. Other extras such as onsite game rooms and fitness classes, and free food and social events received more neutral rankings.

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