Alberta unveils online workplace safety records

Template shows which employer information will be available to the public online when service in launched in the fall

Earlier this month, the Alberta government announced a 10-point plan to improve workplace safety. One of the key changes was the province’s announcement it would be posting the safety records of all employers online.

Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister of Employment and Immigration, has unveiled what information will be accessible online and how it will look. Information for each employer will include:

Number of lost-time claims

•Estimated number of employees

•Lost-time claim rate

•Number of fatalities

•Whether the employer holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR)

•Industry and province wide lost-time claim rates for comparison

“This is part of our ten-point plan for achieving greater transparency and accountability for occupational health and safety in Alberta,” said Lukaszuk. “We want to give people a sense of what is coming as this is new territory for safety information in Canada. It will be much more than what any other jurisdiction is providing.”

Template available online

Want to know exactly what the records will look like? You can view a template online at

The actual employer records will also be on this page when they are released later this fall.

In addition, new 2009 statistics are online at: These statistics provide a profile of safety performance by industry and confirm that overall injury rates continue to decline in each sector of the economy. The statistics include the injury and illness records of each industry, characterized by the type of person working, type of event or the type of injury on this site.

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