Amendments to Nova Scotia’s OHS Act

Changes affect delivery of orders and personal privacy

Amendments made to Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act are now enacted. For the most part, these are housekeeping changes updating references and processes relating to the advisory council. However, there are a few changes that are more substantive and do affect some workplaces. These are:

•Section 13(2) adding “representative” with regards to requirement for the employer to provide additional training as may be prescribed by regulations

•Section 40(2) wording changed that allows an order, notice, document or other communication to be served or delivered electronically

•Section 42(1) wording changed to ensure an employee’s personal privacy where there is testing of an occupational health and safety nature taking place

•Section 48 repealed; officers will operate under the requirements of the Summary Proceedings Act with regards to investigations, search, seizure and removal of evidence

•Section 67A (1)(2) and (3) clarifying that an appeal may relate to an order or a decision

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