Federal commission orders review of all nuclear plants

Operators have until April 29, 2011, to complete requests

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has ordered safety reviews for all reactor operators, in the light of the crisis in Japan.

The commission has sent out letters to nuclear plants, namely class one nuclear and uranium mines and mills, asking them to “review initial lessons from the Japanese earthquake and re-examine the safety cases” of the reactors.

The letter calls for a specific focus on external hazards, such as seismic, flooding, fire and extreme weather events; measures for prevention and mitigation of severe accidents; and emergency preparedness.

Operators have until April 29, 2011, to implement plans for short- and long-terms measures to address any significant gaps, but they must file a report with the commission by April 8, 2011, according to the letters sent.

The report must include:

•confirmation that the request will or will not be carried out or will be carried out in part

•any action thaty you have taken to carry out the request or any part of it

•any reasons why the request or any part of it will not be carried out

•any proposed alternative means to achieve the objectives of the request

•any proposed alternative period within which you propose to carry out the request.

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