Keeping new workers safe

Guide lays out basic workplace hazards and employer duties

A new guide developed by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety for young and new workers will help them work more safely.

The Orientation for New Workers guide, written for new employees of all ages, provides information on the general duties of employers and workers, basic types of workplace hazards and how they’re controlled, steps workers can take to protect themselves from hazards, preparing for emergencies, basic elements of a health and safety program as well as advice on who to ask for help with health and safety matters.

New workers will learn about potential hazards that they may encounter in the workplace and how they can help protect themselves and co-workers. The guide offers examples and practice scenarios.

Employers can also benefit from this guide when putting together a workplace-specific orientation program. While this guide is meant to be used by all workers, not all situations discussed will apply to all workers or workplaces so, during the orientation, employers should highlight which parts of the guide apply.

The guide was developed by experts in the field and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government.

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