Manitoba bulldozer driver dies on the job

RCMP investigating cause of the accident

A 45-year-old bulldozer driver was killed while on the job at a BFI Canada landfill north of Winnipeg this week. RCMP and provincial workplace safety inspectors are investigating his death.

Mitch Lovic, of St. Andrews Man., was performing routine maintenance on a large bulldozer on Jan. 16 when it started to move. Lovic, a seven-year employee of the waste management company, tried to regain control of the machine, but slipped and was killed.

A police spokesperson said that it's common for bulldozer drivers to stop periodically and use an air compressor to blow out the radiator to ensure the bulldozer doesn't overheat. He added that the police have ruled the death accidental.

The province's workplace safety division issued a stop-work order at BFI the day of the accident and has seized the bulldozer. However, work that does not use the type of machinery involved in the accident will be allowed to continue.

The RCMP will now work with provincial workplace safety investigators to figure out how the accident happened. The investigation could take weeks to complete.

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