More Sask. police to have tasers

Non-lethal alternative no longer the sole purview of special teams

More police in Saskatchewan will soon be carrying tasers.

Changes to Saskatchewan's Municipal Police Equipment Amendment Regulations will make the non-lethal weapons, also known as conducted energy devices, more widely available to members of the province's municipal police services.

Up until now, tasers were only available to a limited number of specially trained police units, such as emergency response teams.

Police forces will have to put necessary policies and procedures in place before they will be given the tasers. Individual officers will also have to complete special training and receive approval from their chief of police before being given a taser.

"Police in Saskatchewan often face difficult situations that require them to subdue or apprehend a belligerent or violent suspect," said Justice Minister Frank Quennell.

"In such cases, a non-lethal weapon is a better alternative to a firearm."

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